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Primary Class Size
DRA Analysis
Special - for Analysis of FN/Metis
Grade 7 & 8 At Risk Analysis
Credit Accumulation by Date
Grade 9 Compulsory Success Rates
Aboriginal Enrolment Totals by School

Self Id Information
NSL Program Hours and Minutes by School
Aboriginal Comparisons - EQAO, Credit Accumulation, Credit Success

Multiple Intelligence Profiles

Taking Stock
Elementary Achievement Setup Status Elementary Achievement Setup Elementary Honour Roll Learning to 18 Reports Markbook Files Follett Updater Student Credit Accumulation By Date

ELSO - Early Learning Skills Observation

Subsequent Secondary Achievement
Secondary Scheduling Tools
Student-Class Stints
Ontario Scholars
FSL-NSL Exemptions

Special Education Information
SERTS Access to Elementary Achievement
No Reason Absences from Trillium to Synervoice
Student Internet Administration
SK Screening Collection
Class Profiles
Critical Learning Instructional Pathways
Suspension Letters

Secondary Attendance Vs Achievement

Absence Rates - H1N1 

RRDSB eLearning Class Loading

  • Principals, Secretaries, eLearning teachers

    This report shows the class loading on the current date for eLearning courses. This is required because Trillium is not able to cap classes nor identify class sizes for combines across periods and schools.

    RRDSB eLearning Class Lists

  • Principals, Secretaries, eLearning teachers

    This report shows the class lists for eLearning courses. This is required because Trillium is not able to cap classes nor identify class sizes for combines across periods and schools.

    Attendance Records

  • Teachers

    This report displays the absences & reasons for a teacher's classes.

    Credit Recovery/Rescue Programs

  • Secondary Principals, Secretaries, Credit Recovery Teachers

    This is a recording system for tracking Credit Recovery and Credit Rescue for secondary students.

    9 Indicators

  • Principals, Senior Admin

    This is a comprehensive report set built to accommodate the student success reports. This is snapshot based and the snapshot is built at year end (June 30th).

    Class Attendance for Teachers

  • Teachers

    This interactive report allows access to attendance records for their current students and classes.

    Staff Timetables

  • Secondary Principals, Senior Admin, Secretaries

    This report shows the effective timetables of teachers in trillium with head counts on a chosen date. In trillium, it is not a simple task to tie in the teacher's full timetable with student numbers. This report does not require proper class combining; course sections are placed through timetable blocks.

  • First Nations Self Id

  • Principals, Secretaries

    This report displays current student self-id status. This is required due to the lack of a similar report in the trillium client.

    Elementary Achievement Setup Status

  • Elementary Principals, Secretaries, Teachers

    Have schools setup achievement for the report period? Are there duplicate Student Subject Assignments?

    Elementary Achievement Setup

  • Elementary Principals, Secretaries, Teachers

    This report outlines the student-subject-teacher assignments for your school in a specified report period.

    Elementary Honour Roll

  • Principals & Secretaries

    This report indicates students achievement Honour Roll on a particular Report Period.

    Learning to 18 Reports

  • Student Success, L18 Coordinator

    This report will complete the data report for Learning to 18 (Later Literacy) report back to the ministry.

    Markbook Files

  • Secondary Secretaries & Secondary ITLeads

    This application is an enhanced version of the SRB Interfaces program. It combines eLearning Classes for use between schools.

    Follett Updater

  • FFHS Library / Computer Resource

    This application allows for the creation of the Follett Import.tab file for updating the library software. It requires trillium security access to "All Classes" at FFHS.

    Credit Accumulation by Date

  • School & Senior Administration

    This application displays credit accumulation details for secondary students. The group of students analyzed is the students who are active in the school on the October 31st or March 31st count date immediately prior to the date chosen in the report.

    Student Credit Accumulation By Date

  • Secondary Principals, Senior Admin, Guidance

    This report provides lists of students having credit accumulation in a set range.

  • These links are only available within the RRDSB network (not from home)


  • Principals, Secretaries

    This report gives access to the notepad entries which are unavailable in Trillium when a student moves between schools. You will have access to all notepad entries for any/all students within your school. You will only have access to notepad entries entered before the student's last date of enrolment within your school.

  • Report Period Performance

  • Secondary Principals, Senior Admin, Secretaries

    This report shows credit success rates in a chosen term. The results are filterable by Gender and Status in Canada. Results are broken down by grade.